Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at an initial consultation? 

Usually a consultation is all about us meeting and outlining your reasons for coming for coaching. It is an informal chat to see if self development coaching is for you and if I am the right person for you to work with. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable talking to me.

There is no pressure for you to continue sessions with me after an initial consultation.

Is it counselling?

No, counselling is about coming with a specific emotional or mental health concerns and getting treatment for it. Should on assessment it become more appropriate for counselling  we can discuss that then.

Self Development Coaching is about you getting the best of you, you maybe already have a goal you want to work towards or you may feel a little stuck and lost and are coming to find your new direction.

What do we talk about?

We talk about your goals, how to focus on them, what is blocking them, how you can achieve them. 

We often also talk about what's blocking you, how you think, the beliefs you carry about yourself and if these are helpful. 

It may be that we look at what aspects of your life feel out of sync and how we can get you to fulfil your true potential.

Do you keep notes?

In short yes, but these are only for legal reasons. You will be able to have access to these notes at any point you wish. At no point will your name or personal details be kept with the notes so you will not be identifiable via any notes kept.

These are all kept within GDPR guidance.  

How often do we meet?

Sessions can vary depending on your needs, often with coaching it is not as regulars as other therapies so fortnightly and monthly sessions are most common, with some people choosing to come weekly if focused on a specific goal. 

Do you give advice?

No - It would be unethical of me to tell you want to do. It would also defeat the point of self development, which is to empower you to be able to make your own choices and decisions. It is about getting you to feel empowered to make the choices you need about your life. 

Will I be charged if I cancel and appointment

Not if you give me 24 hours cancellation notice. The reason for this, is that another client may urgently be waiting for an appointment, who I could reschedule in with enough notice. If there is not sufficient notice then you will be charged for the cancelled appointment. 

How do we meet

The good think about online and video now, is that you don't need to live locally to come and see me.

This means that you don't have to worry about time out of your day to travel, or wherever you live you can still access my support. 

We can do sessions via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp - whatever suits you!

This is just for women right?

Absolutely not! Self development is for everyone and anyone regardless of race, gender, background, sexuality, age, upbringing or life experiences.

If you have a life and are looking to change it... Self Development Coaching is for you!